Summer Scrip Schedule:

The Scripbox will be placed in the church office starting Friday, May 25th. Scrip orders will be placed every two weeks or as needed. Church Office Summer hours: Monday thru Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Fridays starting 5/25 8 a.m. to noon (thru Aug. 10). Please text, email or message me with any Scrip questions you may have. Have a great, restful and blessed Summer break.

May 2018 Scrip to Go.Single.LimitedTimeOffer

What is SCRIP?
The SCRIP program is a fundraising program that has local and national businesses giving rebates for each dollar amount spent. A SCRIP card is a gift card that you purchase on Tuesdays from our SCRIP box (physical cards) or online (downloadable or physical cards).

You are essentially putting money into your own pocket AND donating towards the school while you buy groceries, gas, eat out, go to Disney, buy gifts on Groupon and Amazon, stay at a hotel, and much more.

Depending on the type of SCRIP card you purchase will determine the amount of the total rebate at the end of the SCRIP year.

Pay attention to local businesses too. Sometimes their rebate is larger. 

I hope this peaks your interest, reminds you to purchase, and ultimately helps raise money for our school.


An Overview of Family Ordering

How to Enroll In Scrip Program

SCRIP Long Form (updated July 2017)

SCRIP To Go (Updated April 2017)