School Advisory Council

The school advisory council is a council whose authority is derived from the Archbishop and the Archdiocesan Board of Education. Called into being by the local parish, it has the specific mission of providing quality Catholic education for children in the parish whose parents desire to take advantage of such an opportunity. The primary functions of the council are to aid and support the principal and staff, to represent parents in helping to determine the kind of education children will receive, and to help create a climate that will be conducive to maintaining standards of excellence. (Anyone desiring consideration of an issue for the school council should contact one of its officers)

2019-2020 Advisory Council

Andrew Watson, President Amber McClarren
Michael Smith, Vice President Stan Coarsey
Beverly Franklin, Secretary  Kristin Hamlin
Paul Baldwin Exofficio Members
Amanda McClure Rev. Patrick Driscoll, Pastor
Milton Larche Rev. Marlin DeCruz, Parochial Pastor
Marla Ramsey Mrs. Laurie Michener Principal
Robert Bailey  Mrs. Debra Pueschel, Vice Principal
Terri Littrell Mrs. Michelle Wilson, Marketing Director
Mary Katherine Dunn Ric Savadra, Parish Finance Rep