Profile of a Graduate

A graduate of St. Dominic Catholic School is:

A life-long learner who:

  • Is prepared for the academic challenges of high school;
  • Possesses a solid foundation in all subject areas;
  • Has a personal study, note taking, organizational, and technological skills set in place;
  • Is capable of higher level thinking skills; and
  • Goes beyond the minimum to get the best possible answer.

A follower of Christ who:

  • Knows basic Catholic doctrine;
  • Remains faithful to the Mass and sacraments;
  • Maintains an active and meaningful prayer life;
  • Exhibits a deep appreciation for the Catholic Religion; and
  • Is proud of his/her faith.

A spiritual leader who:

  • Realizes that his/her every action is in the presence of God;
  • Cares about others and displays that outwardly;
  • Recognizes the need for service to others and does that as part of his/her daily life;
  • Voluntarily participates in fellowship and ministry; and
  • Lives out the beliefs taught by the Catholic Church.

A respectful and cooperative communicator who:

  • Is respectful of differences in others;
  • Can work out problems peacefully;
  • Exhibits strong self-discipline skills;
  • Cooperates well with others to set and accomplish goals and tasks; and
  • Displays courteous sportsmanship.

A physically disciplined individual who:

  • Knows the importance of taking care of the body that God has given them;
  • Lives a healthy lifestyle;
  • Respects his/her body and mind; and
  • Has established a good nutrition and exercise routine.