New Student Admission

To Apply for Admission of New Student:

  1. After you have completed the student registration packet, please submit to the school office along with payment of $135.00 for registration and auto draft fees.
  2.  To apply for the Catholic Steward Tuition Rate, please complete the St. Dominic Parish Time, Talent and Treasure forms.
  3.  Financial aid is available for Grade K-8th based upon need.  To apply for financial aid, please follow the link on the St. Dominic Catholic School web site ( to submit the FACTS Financial Application.  The opening date for online submissions is March 1 and will close on April 15th.  All applications must be filled out online.  Please inquire at the school office for more information regarding financial aid eligibility.

Note:  A plan to pay should be on file and applicable while waiting for any financial aid determination.  If a payment plan is not made, students may relinquish available classroom placement.

New student transfers during the academic year are addressed on an individual basis.

The additional supplemental forms as listed on the Application Checklist need to be completed and brought to the school office in order to process the Application:

  1. Pay registration fee.  The registration fee is non-refundable.
  2. Schedule time for student’s admission testing or provide adequate standardized testing results and transcripts.
  3. Schedule times for parent/family interview (new students in grades 1-8) and student interview (new students in grades 5–8). (Individual Tours and Shadowing may fulfill this requirement)
  4. Please bring the following documents with you as a required part of the student’s application:
  • Student’s original birth certificate
  • Copy of student’s baptismal certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of student’s most recent report card
  • Transfer/exit form, if coming from another Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Mobile.  This form is available from the principal of the exiting school.
  • Copy of student’s school transcript (minimum of final report cards for past 2 years if transcript is unavailable)
  • Copy of student’s final report card, as soon as possible
  • Completed Internet User Agreement
  • Student’s original current immunization record (As required by the Alabama State Department of Immunizations)
  • Medication form, if applicable