National Junior Society

Students who are members of the National Junior Honor Society should demonstrate the qualities of:

  • Scholarship – Students must maintain a 3.5 average, and have S in all specialty classes. Students will be required to submit their report cards each quarter for review by the faculty moderators.
  • Leadership – Students in the NJHS are the leaders of our school and, as such, should serve as good examples for all other students.
  • Service – Students must be willing to actively participate in NJHS homework help sessions.
  • Citizenship – Members should make every effort to attend all NJHS meetings, and should submit a note of explanation to the moderators in the event of absence. Students should also participate in community service projects on an individual basis.
  • Character – Members should never behave in a manner that would cause their character to be questioned.

NJHS Student Information Card

NJHS Service Hours Activity Sheet

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