Mrs. Anne Galloway

I am almost a “Life-long” Eagle as I attended St. Dominic Catholic School and began my teaching career here in 1987.  I taught Kindergarten in KA (1987-88) and First Grade (1988-95). I “moved around the corner” and taught First Grade at St. Luke’s (1995-1999).  I also have experience in Preschool at St. Mark’s (2001-2003). I returned to St. Dominic as an assistant in 2006 and then moved back to teaching First Grade (2007-2013), Second Grade (2013-2017) and was the librarian for the last 2 years.  I am happy to be “home” where I am blessed to be able to share my faith on a daily basis with my students.  

I am a graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School and the University of South Alabama with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  My husband, David, and I have three children: John David (Mary Kate), Elizabeth (Michael), and Caroline who are all alumni of SDCS and McGill-Toolen.  We are members of St. Dominic Parish.

Ms. Danielle Kittrell

I have been teaching since 1996 after I graduated from the University of Montevallo.  My first eight years of teaching were at St. Pius X where I taught first grade.  The next eight years I taught first grade and one year of Kindergarten at a title 1 public school in Tallahassee, FL.  I am so happy to be back in the Catholic schools, especially St. Dominic since I attended here as well.  I’ve been teaching Kindergarten at St. Dominic since 2012 and I absolutely love it!

Kindergarten News for the week of March 16
Wear green on Tuesday to honor St. Patrick.
Story of the week: Mayday! Mayday! A Coast Guard Rescue Story
Skills for the week: /ks/ spelled Xx: fix, box, fox, wax, Rex, Max, tax, mix; questions and question marks; emergency transportation.
 Part of nightly homework is to review all sight words covered up to this point.
Sight words: all color words as well as here, go, from, one, two, three, four, five, are, do, that, you, of, they, see, look, he, for I, am, the, little, have, like, we, is, to my, a
Review sit, pit, cap, sat, tip, sip, and Tim, tap and pat, pan, bit, pin, bin, nap, bib, ran, rib, rip, bit, bat, and bin, see, look, fin, did, fan, fit, rip, rat, and kit, top, mop, Ron, dot, not, fin, cot, dot,hop,hot,him,hat,hid,hit,drip,clap,drop,milk,got,pig,get,dog,tag,dig
Practice reading these sentences: 1. I have six green pens.
                                                       2. Jan can wax the yellow bin.
                                                        3. Next, they will go on the big blue jet.
                                                         4. Rex and I look in the little red cup.
Amazing words: rescue, yacht, mechanic, pilot, sailor, shimmering
Math: Complete Chapter 5 – Addition
**Work on learning how to tie your shoes if you do not know how. We are so proud of those who have learned to tie their shoes already!!!!
Practice counting, recognizing and writing numbers to 20, and practice counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100.
A few reminders:
* Kindergarten is “nut free”.
*Students should have water in their water bottles each day J
*PLEASE write your child’s name in jackets and sweatshirts J
*PLEASE wash nap mat covers and wipe down your child’s folder each weekend J
Looking Ahead:
*Tuesday, March 17 – out of uniform – wear green to honor St. Patrick
*Wednesday, March 18 – Report Cards go home
*Thursday, March 19 – Parent/teacher conferences 3:45-5:45
*Friday, March 20 – Awards after Mass
*Monday, March 30 – PTO meeting/Open House 5:30