PreK 3 Weekly News:

PreK4 Weekly News: -Newsletter March 19-29


Mrs. Christen Midgette

christenmidgetteMrs. Christen Midgette is a member of St. Dominic Catholic Church.  She graduated from St. Dominic Catholic School in 1996, and from McGill-Toolen in 2000.  She attended the University of South Alabama.  She has four children who attend SDCS.


Mrs. Danielle Rowe

RoweI am a member of St. Dominic Catholic Church. I was an assistant for 10 years in Kindergarten, First Grade and Preschool. I am currently teaching a 3K class. I am so blessed to be teaching in a Catholic School and love being a part of St. Dominic! I am married to Scott Rowe and we have 3 children that all graduated from St. Dominic Catholic School and continued their Catholic education at McGill Toolen Catholic High. Our daughter Hayley is  in her second year of Pharmacy school at Auburn and newly married. Our oldest son Zach is a sophomore at Faulkner State and our youngest son Brantley is a sophomore at McGill Toolen.