Welcome to Middle School

Middle School Language Arts

Mrs. Jeanette Connally

Hello! I’m Mrs. Jeanette Connally, and I teach middle school English/composition, and American Sign Langauge. I also serve as the moderator of the middle school House System. 

My husband, Joseph, and I reside in Mobile, and we attend St. Dominic Catholic Church. I grew up in south-central Alabama and graduated as the salutatorian from South Choctaw Academy in 2002. I received my teaching degree from the University of Mobile, where I graduated with honors in 2011. I will graduate from Spring Hill College this year with a master’s degree in English education. I also serve as the president of the Bay Area Scholastic Challenge, which sponsors the Scholars’ Bowl league in our area. 

Teaching has been my passion and my vocation for the past 7 years. In addition to my classes, I am also the 6A homeroom sponsor and the Eagle Theatre program director. I am looking forward to having another amazing year here at SDCS!

Connally Classroom Overview

Middle School Science

Mr. Henry Nonnenmacher 

My name is Henry Nonnenmacher. I will be teaching Middle School Science in the upcoming school year. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama and have been a part of St. Dominic’s parish my entire life. I graduated from St. Dominic’s in 2004, Mobile Christian High School in 2008, and received a bachelors in History with a minor in Earth Science in 2012 from the University of South Alabama. I received my teaching certification from the University of West Florida in 2013 and currently working on my Master’s Degree. This will be my 6th year teaching middle school, and I have experience teaching Math, Literature, History, and Science at the Middle School level. I have worked at St. Dominic’s in the past and I am very excited to be returning and contributing to the school and parish once again.

Middle School Religion/ Social Studies

Mrs. Cathy Wertz

I currently have a seventh grade homeroom and teach seventh grade religion, and sixth and eighth grade social studies. I love sharing my Catholic faith and my love of history with my students!  I am a graduate of St. Dominic Catholic School (1974), McGill-Toolen Catholic High School (1978) and the University of South Alabama (1983). I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, and am certified to teach social studies in grades four through twelve. This is my thirty-first year at SDCS! I taught for thirteen years until my daughter was born. When she entered preschool, I returned as assistant principal for three years, and then went back into the classroom in 2004. I have served on the school’s Leadership Team and currently serve on the PTO Board. I also oversee the school’s annual Christmas Gift Drive. This year I will also be helping with the Scholars’ Bowl team and the spring drama production. I was recognized as an outstanding teacher in 1994.
My daughter, Lauren, attended St. Dominic and McGill-Toolen. She is currently studying architecture at Auburn University. My husband, John, and I are members of St. Dominic Parish

Middle School Math

Mrs. Mary Herbst

My homeroom is 7B and I teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math. This is my third year at SDCS and I am very excited to be here. I love Catholic schools and I have attended them at every level – grade school, high school, college, and postgraduate school.
I’ve been married to Rob Herbst for seven years and we’re happy to be at home in St. Dominic Parish.
At school I coach Magnus Math Club and Scholars’ Bowl. I also am the moderator for the House of St. Juan Diego.

~Prayer to St. Juan Diego~

You who were chosen by Our Lady of Guadalupe as an instrument to show your people and the world that the way of Christianity is one of love, compassion, understanding, values, sacrifices, repentance of our sins, appreciation and respect for God’s creation, and most of all one of humility and obedience. You who we know is now in the Kingdom of the Lord and close to our Mother, be our angel and protect us, stay with us as we struggle in this modern life not knowing most of the time where to set our priorities. Help us to pray to our God to obtain the gifts of the Holy Spirit and use them for the good of humanity and the good of our Church, through the Heart of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Heart of Jesus.

Middle School Literature

Mrs. Allison Hess

I, Allison Hess, was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I am an alumna of St. Dominic Catholic School, McGill Toolen High School, and the University of South Alabama. In 2014, l received my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and English.

I have been a member of St. Dominic Church my entire life. My husband, Jeremy Hess, has very recently come into the church. My husband and I were married at St. Dominic in 2013 and have a two year old daughter, Pepper Lee, in the preschool program.

Some of my other roles on campus, besides Literature teacher, is sponsor to Angels on a Mission, Spelling Bee, and Student Council.
I cannot wait for the upcoming school year and to see what each day will bring!”