Grade 3


Mrs. Melody Williams

Welcome to 3A Parent Letter

My name is Melody Williams, and I am beginning my 18th year teaching third grade here at St. Dominic Catholic School.  I was born and raised in Mobile and graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Elementary Education.  My husband, Matt Williams, and I have two sons.  My oldest, Reeves, is 10 years old and Chandler is 5.  I consider being part of your children’s academic and spiritual growth a true blessing from God.  I am looking forward to a wonderful third grade year!



Mrs. Janna Lyons

Welcome to 3B Parent Letter

My name is Janna Lyons is a third grade teacher and began teaching at St. Dominic in 1986. She graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1978 and began teaching third grade at St. Catherine of Siena in Mobile. Her catholic school teaching career continued in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge before returning to Mobile and St. Dominic. Her family has been deeply rooted in the school and parish since 1963. Her husband and children are St. Dominic graduates and her grandchildren currently attend. In her devotion to catholic education, she believes it is both an honor and a privilege to help each child grow in their faith and knowledge in a Catholic school setting.  

3A/3B News  
Mrs. Lyons’ Class   
Week of August 26, 2019
All test dates are subject to change. Check your child’s planner daily.
Reading: What About Me?: Skill: Sequencing and Summarizing (Test Friday)
Spelling: Plurals: -s, -es, -ies      Review spelling words daily. (Test Friday)
Grammar: Subjects and Predicates (Test Friday)
Math: Chapter 1: Place Value
Math Drills: Three Minute Addition Drills for Sums Less than 18: (Test Friday)
Social Studies: Chapter 1: Learning About Communities
ScienceChapter 1: Forces and Motion
Religion: Chapter 1: God Sends His Own Son
AR News
Goals and reading zones or reading levels will be coming soon. You can find the quiz number for your book at
Remember you may check your child’s progress online by visiting Students should know their password.
Be sure to read at least 15-20 minutes daily and read books in your reading level.
Don’t forget to write down the name of your book or quiz # on your AR Record Sheet. Remember you may check your child’s progress online by visiting
Math Drills: Student will bring home a practice math drill worksheet for homework each night. Please give your child three minutes to complete the problems. Draw a line to indicate where they were on the drill when you call time. After that line work the problems without being timed to complete the worksheet. Please circle any mistakes and practice those facts on the back. Students are expected to have basic facts memorized and are discouraged from counting on fingers.
THIRD GRADE WON THE MARCO’S SDCS SPIRIT NIGHT AND WILL GET FREE PIZZA FOR LUNCH ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 30. Please send a drink that day and a lunch if your child doesn’t want to eat pizza!
Thank you for reviewing and checking your child’s homework with them! Please review and sign your child’s planner daily. As partners we are working together to ensure their spiritual and academic success. Thanks so much for your help!