Weekly Schedule:  Mrs. Galle Class Schedule 2016 – 2017

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Welcome to 1-B! I am so glad to have your child in my class. I am looking forward to an exciting year as we work together to make first grade a positive experience for your child. To help ensure a successful year, please note the following information. I hope it will answer any questions you may have. Be sure to keep this information for future reference.

ATTENDANCE: It is very important that your child be in school every day. If your child is absent, be sure to send a written excuse for the absence upon returning to school. Please make every effort to schedule doctor and dentist appointments in the afternoon.  School begins at 7:45.  Students who arrive after 7:50 will be marked tardy.  In order for absences to be excused, a note must be provided to the office within upon the student’s return to school.  I will make every effort to help your child catch up with work that is missed. Please complete in work that is sent home in the absent folder. It is very important that this work is completed and returned in a timely manner.

SNACK:  We will have a morning snack everyday. Please send a healthy, “non-messy” snack that does not require a spoon. NO cookies, chocolate or candy of any kind. First grade has a no nut policy. Please do not send anything for snack, lunch or parties that contain nuts! We do have severe allergies in our classroom. On Friday, they can purchase ice cream for snack. They may have water with snack no other drinks because we continue to work during snack time.

LUNCH: The children will eat lunch from 11:15-11:45 .They may bring lunch or purchase it. A lunch menu will be available on the school website for you to print, fill out and return each month. The students will go to recess from 11:45-12:05. Please send a SMALL bottle of water during the hot months as the children will be very hot after recess and P.E.

HOMEWORK: On Mondays, a homework packet will be sent home. Please have your child complete the assignments and return packet to school on Friday. A reading report will be included in the homework packet. This reading report is part of your child’s reading homework. The report needs to be filled out and signed by the child and a parent. If it is not filled out, this will result in incomplete homework. The packet is not intended to be completed in one night. Please spend about 10 minutes each night on homework. If homework is taking longer than 10 minutes each night, please let me know. Our homework reinforces what we are learning in class that week. It also helps teach responsibility.

MASS: The children will attend Mass each Thursday at 8:00. Parents are welcome to attend.

P.E. The first graders will have P.E. everyday. We do not dress out. Girls should wear shorts under their jumpers so that they may remove them for P.E. Please be sure to put your child’s name in and on everything. 

CARPOOL: Please place a sign on your car dash indicating the last names of those riding with you. Please make the letters large enough so that we can read it. After all are on board, please turn your sign over. This is extremely important and will help us move carpool quickly.

BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays will be celebrated in our class by giving students a non-food treat. This means that no birthday treats (ex: cupcakes, cookies etc..) can be sent to school. The school will allow students to come to school in their spirit shirt on their birthday. If their birthday falls on a weekend or holiday, they should wear it on the following school day. Summer birthdays will be designated a day.   Birthday invitations may be given out at school if you send invitations for all the children in our class. You may choose to send them to all the girls or all the boys. This is a school rule meant to avoid any hurt feelings. 

BOOK ORDERS: From time to time, I will send home a book order from Scholastic Book Club. No purchase is necessary. Please do not send cash. Instead, write a check to the book club. Do not write a check to the school. Please be sure to put your order and money in an envelope. You can also order online. I will send our class code on the first book order.

Communication:  I will do most of my communications through email.  Please also check our school website www.stdominicmobile.org frequently. You will find important information here throughout the year.I hope this information will help alleviate some anxieties we all feel at the beginning of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a note or email and I will contact you as soon as possible. My email address is kgalle@stdominicmobile.org.  First grade is an exciting year and with your help we can make it a happy and successful adventure.

Mrs. Kate Galle


I attended St. Dominic Catholic School and returned here in 1995 to teach first grade. I feel so blessed to teach first graders who come to school every day excited and eager to learn. I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Elementary Education. I currently serve on the school leadership team and PTO board. I have been married for 26 years and have two sons who are graduates on St. Dominic Catholic School.