Grade 1

Mrs. Amy Heim

My name is Amy Heim, and I am a New Orleans native.  I attended St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Elementary School and St. Mary’s Dominican High School.  I am married to Mark Heim, and we have three sons.  One of our children attends St. Dominic, and two are at McGill.  I earned my B.A. degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the University of New Orleans.  I earned my M.Ed. degree in Educational Administration from the University of South Alabama.  The most important lesson I want to teach my students is that they have important things to say, and God has given them unique and special talents to share with the world.


First Grade Homework

Due:  THURSDAY, Oct. 24

READING:  Please go over high frequency words with your child each night.  Your child needs to be able to recognize these words. ( catch good no want put said want)

Reading Report:  Please spend at least 10 minutes a night reading with your child.  The reading report should be filled out and signed.

p. 77 high frequency words

p. 23 sequence of events

Please read A Big Fish for Max on Monday night (Pgs.20-33)


PHONICS:  We will be working on the consonant digraphs sh and th and the vowel sound in ball this week.

p. 87 digraphs sh, th

GRAMMAR:  We will be learning about nouns this week.

p.79  common nouns

 SPELLING:  We will be learning to spell words with the sh and th sound.  We will also be learning to spell high-frequency words.

  1. ship      7. shell
  2. fish        8. shop
  3. then      9. trash
  4. shut       10.  thin
  5. with         11.  want
  6. rush        12. good

Choose 5 spelling words and write a sentence with each one.

Practice Test on WEDNESDAY!!


MATH:  We will continue Chapter 3- Addition Strategies to 20

pgs. 239,240 use near doubles to add

pgs. 247,248 problem solving: act it out

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be learning about fire safety this week. Please complete fire escape plan with your child.

First Grade News

No classes on Friday, October 25! Homework is due THURSDAY!! Tests will be taken on Thursday!

Halloween celebrations will begin with a blessing in the gym at 2:00. We will begin changing into costumes at 1:30. (Thursday, Oct. 31)

Don’t forget to update your CAPP training. The deadline is Oct. 31!

Mystery Readers:

Please send me your three clues if you haven’t yet!!

  • 11/1 – Alison Bollow 12:15
  • 11/8- Kim Irvin 12:15
  • 11/15- Jeanna Marsh 12:15
  • 11/22 – Lee Calametti – 12:15
  • 12/6- Cristin Waite 12:15
  • 12/13 – Hayden Lunceford 12:15
  • 1/10 – Jennifer Patrick 12:15
  • 1/17-Jessica Watson 12:15
  • 1/24- please consider volunteering
  • 1/31 – please consider volunteering
  • 2/7- please consider volunteering
  • 2/14-Cristin Waite 12:15






Parent Pipeline – September 6, 2019

2019 Monkeying Around

Wild Over Math 2019

1A’s Wild About Learning Odds and Ends

2019 Assessment and Grading

2019 Component Weights

2019 jungle behavior letter

2019 wish list

2019 Roaring About Language Arts in 1A

2019 parent intro letter

2019 Jungle Behavior Needs Improvement

Mrs. Kate Galle

I attended St. Dominic Catholic School and returned here in 1995 to teach first grade. I feel so blessed to teach fgraders who come to school every day excited and eager to learn. I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Elementary Education. I currently serve on the school leadership team and PTO board. I have been married for 29 years and have two sons who are graduates of St. Dominic Catholic School.



First Grade Homework

Due:  Friday, October 11

READING:  Please go over high frequency words: small,your,saw,tree.

Reading Report:  Please spend at least 10 minutes a night reading.

p. 107 – initial blends bl, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gr, sl, sm, st

p. 61 –   high frequency words/story words

Please read “Get the Egg!” on Monday night, (p. 128-137)


PHONICS: Short e

p. 59

GRAMMAR:  We will be learning about interrogative sentences.

p. 63- Interrogative sentences

SPELLING:  We will be learning to spell words with the short e sound.  We will also be learning high-frequency words.

  1. bed   6. net        11. saw
  2. men   7. leg       12. your
  3. red     8. jet
  4. step   9. sled
  5. ten   10. wet

Write words in ABC order. (We have been working on this in class)

Practice Test on Thursday.

Test on Friday!!

MATH:  We will completing Ch. 2- Subtraction Concepts

pgs. 189,190 relate addition and subtraction

pgs. 195,196 true and false statements

Test on Thursday! Review vocabulary cards


Grandparent’s Day is Friday, October 11. Grandparents are invited to Mass at 8:00 and a reception in Murphy Center (9:30-10:00)

Don’t forget to record books read for Book It Program! Reading logs/book review should be turned in by October 31 to receive pizza certificate. Reading logs must be signed by both student and parent.

Friday, October 11-end of first quarter!

Everyone should be working on their Trick or treat book report and Pumpkin Projects- Due Oct. 28!