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June 27, 2020
Dear Parents,
We indeed have good news on this last week of June 2020.  It was announced yesterday that all Catholic Schools will open as scheduled on August 12th.  There were some particulars in that announcement that are being addressed by the St. Dominic Pandemic Response Task Force.  We are fortunate to have two medical doctors(one a pediatric specialist), medical personnel from the infectious disease realm, parent representation, teacher representation, business resource specialists in PPE procurement, a hospital sanitization expert, our pastor and myself on our team. Our specific plan which may change as we travel the 6 weeks left before school reopens will be published Friday, July 3rd. I understand that you want to know the specific granularity of how things will look and I will give you as much information as these experts and I have at that time.
A couple of things worth noting:
  • We are blessed with huge green spaces for students to use for recreational opportunities.
  • We have open air verandas.
  • We have years of experience providing lunch to individual classrooms for consumption at class specific outdoor tables and sidewalk spaces.
  • We are committed to having as normal an environment as possible for our students.
  • We have entire walls of windows for periodic air ventilation.
  • We have a large gym with a space divider thanks to our Booster Club.
  • We have several play areas and lots of space to spread out.
  • We have teachers committed to safety that have been working together and separately to gain the most current knowledge available.
  • We have generous donors one of whom has donated a battery powered rolling sanitation spraying device.
For recreational opportunities, we are bringing back some oldies but goodies:  Jump rope, flashlight tag, chalk, hopscotch, cat’s cradle, freeze dance and cornhole games. We have had 350 jump ropes donated. I am looking for someone to make cornhole boards, beanbags and possibly  paint hopscotch games. The positive in all of those things is that most of them work on fine motor, gross motor, hand eye coordination, and listening skills in a fun way.
I ask that you temper your eagerness to know with patience as we work through these plans. We welcome your input, but please understand that we cannot implement every idea presented. I ask you to pray. Pray for me, our team, our school, our parish, our country, those physically stricken with this virus, and those afraid of this virus. I think we are going to have a good school year. When life hands you lemons, you must make lemonade.
Take care! Enjoy the weekend! May God bless our students and their families!
Laurie Michener, Principal
St. Dominic Catholic School
Providing a firm foundation in faith and academics since 1961

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