Pastoral Outreach

Women’s Club – The Women’s Club assists the parish in whatever way necessary including cleaning the church, decorating the altar, maintaining the flowers, supplying the sacristy with laundered linens, new linens, altar vestments, and holy vessels. The Club plans enrichment programs in the subject of religion and other special interests for the parish. A sub-committee assists the priests, deacons and family members of those with weddings held at the parish. All women of the parish are automatically members of the Women’s Club.

Respect Life – This committee only has a few events during the year such as the school essay contest, Life Chain, banquet and carnation sale on Mother’s Day. We also assist to increase awareness and education for our parish through bulletin inserts and possible speakers on issues such as birth control, euthanasia and abortion. Most of the work of our members is through individual prayer. We do have a connection with Alabama Citizens for Life to keep involved with current pro-life legislation.

Legion of Mary – The Legion of Mary is an association of men and women who, with the sanction of the Church and under the powerful leadership of Mary, formed into a Legion performing service for the Church. There are two types of membership: active and auxiliary. The duty of the auxiliary member is the daily recitation of the Rosary and recitation of the prayers contained in the Legion prayer leaflet. The active Legion member attends a weekly meeting and does two hours of apostolic work each week.

Prayer Network – The Prayer Network is a is a group of parishioners who accept prayer requests from parish members who need special and/or emergency prayer for themselves or others. Members agree to be called to pray for a requested need and to pass on the request to a member beneath you on the telephone network list. Prayer network members will also be asked to pray daily for all the needs of the parish.

Food for the Bereaved – Food for the Bereaved enables people to serve in a simple but meaningful way while expressing sympathy and caring to a bereaved family of the parish. The program consists of several teams, each with a team captain who receives information regarding needs in the parish. The members then prepare a dish or provide soft drinks and arrange to have them delivered to the family. The group also prepares frozen meals on occasion to have on hand in times of need. This group is coordinated through the Women’s Club.

Bereavement Committee – The Bereavement Committee sends sympathy cards to our bereaved and also contacts them by phone or home visits. The Committee also hosts the All Souls Day Mass and reception.

Welcoming Committee – The Welcoming committee contacts new parishioners by phone or home visit, providing information concerning church activities, and
organizations. They assist in introducing families or individuals to the parish community.

Evangelization Committee – The Evangelization Committee serves the Church as faith enrichment for all parish members, as an outreach to non-practicing and marginal Christians, and an outreach to non-Catholics. The committee develops, plans, and conducts various projects ranging from in-church missions, Lenten and Advent programs, to home visits. New members and new ideas are encouraged.

Network of Care – The Network of Care provides transportation to church, doctor’s offices or the grocery store to those in the parish that are sick and/or elderly. They also, on occasion, prepare meals, make minor home repairs, do yard work, sit with the sick or elderly, and visit or phone the grieving. Network of Care professional members, such as nurses, lawyers, psychologists, and financial planners, provide.

Vocations Committee – The Vocation committee draws the attention of the parish, together with the contribution of the family, towards the promotion of
vocations to the priesthood, religious life and the permanent deaconate.