It’s Summertime!

The Choir will be on vacation starting the weekend of June 14th, 2015. They will be back in the gallery on September 20th. Choir rehearsals will resume on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Also on the weekend of June 14th, we will be changing the setting for the Ordinary to Mass of Renewal for the Summer. If you need a refresher course on singing it, you can visit Mass of Renewal, the publisher’s site, and listen or sing along.

Mass of Renewal – June 29, 2014

On Sunday, June 29, 2014, we will begin learning the Mass of Renewal. This was the Mass setting chosen by the Archdiocese to be the common setting among our parishes following the 2010 Lectionary changes. Prior to its selection, St Dominic was already in process of teaching and learning two new Mass settings written by Matthew Still. The Mass in Honor of St Dominic, written specifically for our parish, is the setting we use for Ordinary Time and Christmas from post-Labor Day through Epiphany. It was written for strings, woodwinds, timpani, choir and organ and is an elegant setting for the Christmas season. During Lent, we use the Latin Chant Mass, as has been our tradition for many years. Beginning with the Easter Vigil and throughout the Easter season until Corpus Christi Sunday, we use the Mass of Exultation. This triumphant setting was written for brass, woodwinds, timpani, choir and organ. And now, it’s time to learn our final setting. The Mass of Renewal is a more relaxed setting, comfortably played with piano and guitar. We will use this setting during the Summer months and on other various Ordinary Time Sundays. Congregation pew cards will be available at the church doors for those who would like to follow the music. If you would like to learn from home, you can listen to all parts on the publisher’s website, Mass of Renewal.

Mass in Honor of St Dominic

Mass in Honor of St Dominic, written by our own Matthew Still and dedicated to our parish, will be the first Mass setting we will be learning for the adoption of the New Roman Missal on the First Sunday of Advent. Congregation rehearsals will begin on Monday night in the Church starting October 10th at 6:30pm. The rehearsals will run for 5 weeks, excluding Halloween night. All St Dominic parishoners are invited and encouraged to attend. If you would like to listen to the various parts of the Mass, please make a selection from the following links. After listening to a selection, use the BACK key on your browser to return to this page:

Gospel Acclamation
Mysterium Fidei A
Mysterium Fidei B
Mysterium Fidei C
Agnus Dei

March 1st – The Pipe Organ INformance® was a great success!

Mr. C. J. Sambach presented three wonderful programs to the students of St. Dominic, parishioners, students of the School for the Deaf and Blind, and guests from as far away as Orange Beach. In the first program of its kind at St. Dominic, parishioners and guests were able to learn intricate details about the workings of the Church’s only official instrument, an instrument so treasured that it has its own special blessing from the Vatican to be used in liturgies. We would like to thank the American Guild of Organists Mobile Chapter for selecting St. Dominic as one of its venues for this program.

February 28th – The Pipe Organ INformance®

The Mobile Chapter of The American Guild of Organists will be offering a unique, different, and very special program developed by concert organist C.J. Sambach. He will be performing his highly entertaining and humorous educational program The Pipe Organ INformance® on Thursday, February 28 at 9:00, 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at St. Dominic Church and at 6:30 p.m. at Dauphin Way United Methodist Church. The program times at St. Dominic are designed as field trip assembly programs for area school youth but are also open to the public. Heralded as a modern day Pied Piper, C.J. has earned a national reputation as a performer who wins friends to the pipe organ, and is especially interested in reaching our youth. In these INformances, C.J.j will explore the instruments vast tonal resources, present charming musical compositions, and explain its many fascinating facets. All ages will enjoy these unique programs. For more information, contact Paul Hanebuth at 434-1573 or

Our Organ Project

Having recovered from Hurricane Katrina damage, our new pipe organ is finally being installed! You can see the progress by looking up into the rear gallery of the church. The biggest pipes will be on the east and west side gallery walls. These pipes will produce some of the lowest tones or bass sounds of the organ. The largest of these pipes is 22 feet tall.

The majority of the pipes will be located on the back wall of the gallery around the stained glass window and in the east organ chamber over the cry room.

March 1, 2008 – The organ is complete! Well, almost. All pipework is up and playing. We still have some touchup work to do with tuning and voicing, but these are minor issues to be dealt with over time as we get used to the instrument in the room and how it interacts with the liturgy. Plans for the casework to enclose the windchest that support the pipes has been finalized and is underway. Keep looking up!