Junior CYO

Very important changes for Jr. CYO
Several meetings and phone calls have taken place since last week’s Jr. CYO activity. For safety reasons, Fr. Driscoll has requested that we limit meetings to roughly once every two weeks and keep the group to only homerooms. This is not what any of us want but we have to do the safest things for our youth. As soon as some things loosen up, we will change back.
I will be visiting the classrooms by the end of this week to see how we can make the most of the situation. There’s one thing I have learned in life- God opens a window when the door shuts. He will lead us forward.
So please don’t stop coming because it will be different. We will have fun playing and growing, no matter what. A spiritual component will always be a part of the event so we won’t specifically have “Spiritual Day” anymore. That aspect will be “a given” every time.
As I have stated before, cleaning and safety are of the utmost importance. Masks are always required.
I will be checking with Mrs. Michener to see if she wants all students to go to carpool first or come directly to me at dismissal.
Because of the possible weather issues this week, we will hold off starting.
First activity: Olympic Games. We’ll play crazy games with prizes, eat and have lots of fun. Pick up is 4:30 at the Spirit House.
Tuesday, Sept. 1st 7A’s turn
Friday, Sept. 4th it’s 7B’s turn
Tuesday, Sept. 8th it’s 8A’s turn
Weds., Sept. 9th it’s 8B’s turn
Next, we’ll watch the outstanding movie “the Ultimate Gift” in the Spirit House until 5:30.
A snack will be provided.
Tuesday, Sept. 15th 7A
Thursday, Sept. 17th 7B
Weds., Sept. 23rd 8A
Thursday, Sept. 24th 8B
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to minister to young people. Through Jr. CYO, it is always our goal to bring Christ more fully to them by building a closer relationship with Him and others. It builds a foundation so these teens will continue in high school youth ministry, which will prepare them for the harsh world of adulthood.
God bless you and your family,
Joanne Upton
Youth Minister

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