High School CYO

High School CYO Nov. 2020 schedule
This month kind of snuck up on me. Time is just flying by. The good news is that we only have 2 more months of hurricane season. 
Please continue to pray and thank our Lord for the many blessings he sends each day. 
Weds., Nov. 4, 11, 18 – Study Hall from 5:30 – 7 and the house is open from 7-8:30.
Sunday, Nv. 8th– The parish Food Drive : either help beforehand putting out bags, picking up bags OR come from 1-3:30 to box up what is brought to the 4th grade classrooms.
           Gym night at 6:30 (tentative)
Sunday, Nov. 15th: meeting to discuss possible retreat, Dec. schedule, etc. at 6:30, followed by some time with our Lord.
Sunday, Nov. 22nd: Rel. ed. class is at 3:30
           Our “Friendsgiving” Party is at 6:30. I’ll provide the meat. You bring a side dish (last name begins with A- N) or a dessert (O- Z).
May you and your family have a safe, blessed Thanksgiving holiday. 
Joanne Upton
Youth Minister

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Field Trip- CYO canoe trip

Canoeing 2020