Drama Team

The Eagle Theatre team consists of 7th and 8th grade students who are interested in pursuing their gifts in acting and technical theatre skills. Rehearsals are held on Friday from  3-5 p.m.



Ticket sales are open 2 months prior to each event at www.ticketsource.us/st-dominic-school


Cast of St. Dominic’s “The Nutcracker”

A Christmas Musical on December 16th

Purchase tickets online at www.ticketsource.us/st-dominic-school

Marie Stahlbaum: Grace Greenwood

Understudy: Kenlie Diegan

Nutcracker: Christopher Hunt

Princess Pirlipat: Isabella Jordan

Understudy: Anne Marie Lancaster

Father Stahlbaum: Nicholas Mayhall

Mother Stahlbaum: Emily Smith

Understudy: Annabelle Hosemann

Fritz Stahlbaum: William Miller

Godfather Drosselmeier: Cameron Martin

Nanny: Kenlie Diegan

Understudy: Ella Wilson 

Mouse King: Joey Shawcross

Mouse Queen: Abby Ferlise

Understudy: Landon Ross

Rudi: Caroline Stratas

Understudy: Miriam Foster

Sweet Tooth: Cora Johnson

Understudy: Camryn Cate

Mistress Clara: Janie Dunwell

Understudy: Lily Case

Feline Legation: Kyleigh Barber

Understudy: Lillie Uteg

Ballerina: Maggie Kohnen

Understudy: Sarah Burnett

Tin Soldier Captain: Zeke Shawcross

Tin Soldiers: Lily Case, Sarah Burnett, Miriam Foster, Alex Harkins

Palace Guard Mouse:  Camryn Cate

Mouse Soldiers: Lillie Uteg, Annabelle Hosemann, Anne Marie Lancaster, Ella Wilson



“Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.” April 27 and 28 at 6 p.m. Tickets go on sale February 1, 2018. Adults $10. Students $5.


Cast Announcement

Aladdin                                                                          Caroline Stratas

Zachary Harrison

Princess Jasmine                                                           Grace Greenwood

Jammal the Magician                                                      Janie Dunwell

Jammal’s Sister, Halima                                                 Abby Ferlise

Alakazam the Monkey                                                    Logan Haik

Queen Sultana of Agrabah                                               Maeghan Reilly

Sultan of Agrabah                                                           Cameron Martin

Royal Executioner Chop-Chop                                           Nicholas Mayhall

Ali Bubba the Suitor                                                      Peyton Williams

Aladdin’s Mother                                                           Kyleigh Barber

Aladdin’s Sister, Neela                                                  Sarah Burnett

Jasmine’s Attendant, Zara                                             Lily Case

Jasmine’s Attendant, Sheba                                             Jillian Cate

Merchant of Wares                                                                 Abigail Bolton

Aladdin’s Neighbor                                                        William Cazalas

Genie of the Lamp                                                            Russell Foster

Genie of the Ring                                                              Aiden Janowski

Genie of the Jewels                                                         Mia Ginn

Scheherazade the Storyteller                                               Ella Smithweck

Dragon of the Cave                                                          Chandler Anderson