Counselor’s Corner

Dr. Meredith Hayes

This month our students have engaged in the St. Dominic Catholic School Kindness Project.  Each classroom created a list of ways to be kind at home, school and within our community.  These lists can be seen posted throughout the school.  The second part of our Kindness project required each student to make a commitment to be kind to a peer and teacher of their choice.  Each student was asked to identify a student and/or teacher whom they have been unkind to.  They were then asked to make a commitment in writing on how they would actively work on being kind to those individuals throughout the holiday season.  Our hope is to create a culture of kindness here at St. Dominic Catholic School. We encourage you to continue the Kindness dialogue at home!  Happy Holidays!!!

To help our 6th graders prepare for their first Final Exams we will work on techniques to help them combat Test Anxiety.  They will engage in interventions such as:  guided relaxation, deep breathing and positive self-affirmations.  We hope they practice these skills at home and at school as these are life long tools that will help them be successful.


Dr. Meredith Hayes comes to us by way of Birmingham, MI. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Michigan State University. She then moved to Chicago where she graduated with a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She has been working for over 10 years in the Chicago area helping children, adolescents, adults, couples and families with varying issues. She has recently moved to Mobile with her husband who is originally from Mobile and a former St. Dominic student. She looks forward to meeting you all and is excited to be a part of St. Dominic Catholic School community.